ARCboard is a touch screen smart board with imbedded augmented reality (AR) features, that allows students to view resources, other student’s work, and allows for a platform where students can collaborate.

During my time in studio, I realized that much of what we work on is kept behind our personal screens, I wanted to recreate an space where digital work can be posted in a physical space. I believe this allows for a more collaborative environment where ideas, unrestricted by the digital space, can be bounced around more freely.   


Both AR and diminished reality are implemented in ARCboard. During the resource mode, students scan the board with their own mobile devices to view more information. For example, when the student taps the video through their phone screen, the video will play on their phone.  

In the Crit mode, students can see messages left specifically for them. Similarly to the AR feature of the resource mode, students will scan the board and be able to see their messages and notes.  


ARCboard exists outside of the studio space as well. Even if the student is not in studio, they can access the same information on the go through the paired ARCboard app. This app also allows the students to comment on their peer's work.