I was a Digital experience design intern AT PNC Bank in summer 2016. I worked primarily on rebranding and redesigning the new Mass market mobile app that was released in september 2017. 


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Victor Song
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PNC Financial Services is the eighth largest bank in the United States by total assets with it's headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. I worked with their Mass Market mobile app team under their Digital department to redesign their new mobile banking app that would reach their 4 million online banking customers. 

PNC Mobile Banking App (September 2017)


Main takeaways from my internship at PNC:

  • Using color as an interaction pattern to help users navigate through the application
  • Using color (in some cases, subtlety) to stay on-brand of the company  
  • Awareness of accessibility needs for color (color contrast, colorblindness accessibility) 
  • Affordances of different input forms (wizards vs. single form) 
  • Visualizing narratives and designing step by step storylines for scenarios 



Color explorations in context of common user flows: 


Color explorations:

Iterating on different ways to create a dynamic "success" screen while still making sure accessibility issues were accounted for in terms of color contrast of type and colored background. 


Looking at using color to symbolize movement of money in the "hub" screens:

  • Blue – Transferring of money, no gain or loss so neutral color
  • Green – Depositing, gaining/adding money 
  • Orange – Paying, money leaving account