I was a User experience design intern at Google in the summer of 2017 working on Google clips


Google Clips is a smart camera that captures motion photos that last several seconds. It can recognize smiles, lighting, and framing so it knows when to capture great candid and spontaneous moments. 


Worked on:

Interaction Design for the Google Clips app 

  • Designing new interaction patterns for Google Clip's paired mobile app

  • User testing the prototypes I designed

User Education on how to use Google Clips

  • Designing the information architecture of the "Learn" page of the Google store (product display page)

  • Curating tools and tricks on how to get the best content out of Google Clips

  • Working with an advertisement agency to produce the best video on how to teach our users how to use Google Clips (Videos can be seen here and here) by providing creative direction and reference videos

  • Designing user education interventions within the user's first time using the mobile application

  • Mapping out other possible user education touch-points within the customer journey

  • Participating in field research with our end users

Internal site: go/intern-christie