PACMU, or Public Art at Carnegie Mellon University, is an existing app that showcases the art pieces around campus. In this project, I redesigned the interface and user experience of the app to create a more seamless and desirable application for the user. I also storyboarded the experience of the application to show the interactions the user makes with the app in context of the environment.  


Upon opening the app, the user is able to see where they're located in context of the campus and the art pieces around them. The user is able to tap on the "nearest piece" button to see which art piece is closest to them.  The zoom in function allows the user to see what art pieces are around them without having to enter a different screen.


Once tapping on an art piece icon, more information about the art piece and the estimated time to walk there will be shown. 

The navigation feature takes the user to their desired art piece. Once arrived, the information screen is shown again. However, this arrival information screen also allows the user to upload their pictures of the art piece to be shared with other users of the app.


This arrival screen also gives the user a choice to go on and explore the next closest art piece. 



I went through several iterations of userflows to try to figure out what is the best way users can interact and experience the app. I also drew some in context storyboards to help me understand where in context the user would be using the app. Paper prototyping allowed me to test my app quickly without getting distracted by smaller details when I was iterating on the flow of the experience. 


Early Storyboard:


Paper prototypes: