In this collaborative project, Bettina Chou, Meredith Newman, and I sought out to redesign the user experience of Carnegie Mellon University's scheduling portal, SIO. We interviewed advisors and students to understand what would be the best solution to accommodate for a more seamless navigation process, allowing students to find and plan for classes with ease. We also looked at S3, the partner platform of SIO for advisors, to understand obstacles that both advisors and students face.


Our redesigned solution is called the Schedulator. From the research, we realized both students and advisors found that the current SIO was unintuitive in its interface, with limited search functions, and required the user to use other websites in order to figure out which courses to take. With Schedulator, we implement color coding for a more organized and intuitive design, a check off list of required courses to take, and a scrolling list of popular and available courses.